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Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling design can greatly affect an interior workspace and in turn have a positive effect on the people in it. Aside from having a huge visual impact, ceiling design can change the acoustic ambeince of a room and prevent the spread of unwanted sounds from other areas. Suspended ceilings can act as a fire barrier - all of our locally sourced products give a minimum of half an hour fire rating.

Our great range of suspended ceiling tiles mean that all environments can be catered for. Hygenic ceiling tiles for clean areas, water resistant ceiling tiles for wet or steamy environments and impact resistant ceiling tiles for a tougher finish.

Suspended ceilings can be all of the above and still provide access to the space above for maintenance and future alterations. Suspended ceilings are also easily changable giving the client flexiblitiy to change the lighting, ambience and look of an area to suit the ever evolving workplace.

As experienced and trusted suspended ceiling installers we can provide all of the above to create a working environment tailored to your needs and budget.